ayahuasca heals relationships

You might run a corporation, make a lot of money and have a great life, but DEEP inside you’re always searching to GIVE or RECEIVE more Love, because that’s how you will get maximum fulfillment in life.

A love that’s who you are at the depth of your soul which makes you feel FREE and OPEN without the walls and your destructive patterns that separate you from the divine.

This love has to be learned and practiced in any circumstance of your life and not just in a romantic way. Love is a prayer that in order to be expressed needs vulnerability, nakedness, rawness, realness and to be totally open.

Quite the opposite of what society has been teaching you with its fears and dogmatic judgments.

Love is like playing the guitar: initially it seems quite impossible and you have to “remember” what you’re doing. Eventually with practice all becomes effortless and easy; the more you RELAX and OPEN, the more Love flows through you, like music everything becomes alive.

loveforshare.com-love-tips-400x400Your body starts to vibrate and you transmit a new wave of feelings from your heart and love starts to express itself spontaneously.

If you never experienced a profound Divine Love with your partner or just with yourself, what you’re reading now might seem like a foreign concept, but perhaps in your life you experienced it in a deep way and want go even deeper.

To experience and to realize, divine unbounded Love that can happen in an intimate moment with your lover or while meditating, praying or sometimes simply walking in nature can produce that explosion of light within that makes you feel one with the whole universe.

Our busy sedentary lives does not offer this rare moment of grace and is taking you far from the feelings of openness and ecstasy that are really your birthright.

The side effects are numerous, starting with feeling unfulfilled, depression, anxiety, diseases, fear, negative drama and even poverty. Because when you produce the feeling of Love, you activate certain energy vibrations around you that make you more radiant and more attractive.

Our WOW retreats are masterfully created to enter into this magical graced space of divine LOVE and bring you to the remembrance of who you really are, bypassing your egocentric emotional ups and downs and you can use this illuminated state at work, with your friends, your family and lover.

The teachings are for singles and couples that know that there is much more to life. We have found that to generate the awakening of ONENESS, it takes a week in paradise-like settings where we can create the healing first (which is necessary to bypass the ego-mind) with yoga, meditation, white Tantra, teachings, nutrition, homeopathic remedies, white nights with the sacred plant teacher and the secret teachings available only for a group of supportive, like-minded people around the world.

Using these “teachings” of love with the sacred plant medicine will allow you to grow in your capacity to transmit open hearted wonder through a newfound state of awareness.

Many greater courses are teaching you to find the ONE — We help you to be the ONE for whomever you’re meant to attract in your life.

We teach you how love is the key to financial success and life. A life of balance as you grow towards self-actualization and mastering your life.

In the past, our participants have experienced the ecstasy of ONENESS, bringing the connection with the divine and romance to an all new levels — and some even got married.

The wow is not just for those who want to learn how to grow a relationship with a divine partner; but for many single people that are seriously driven by a desire to live a miraculous existence and live life in a superior way.

We believe that life is a limitless journey where all becomes possible when you reach the stage of the unbounded openness of who you are with an authentic, unhidden and undefended true self without tension.

You can be, have, and do everything you want with love and in communion with Mother Nature.

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